PEMF and Cancer

Cancer is a very complex disease, and one form of treatment is rarely enough to address it.

Therefore, PEMF therapy cannot be recommended as the only way to target it.

However, it can be a good addition to other effective treatments.

Moreover, there isn’t one perfect and most beneficial form of treatment, since individuals respond differently to different treatments.


Is There a Cure for Cancer?

Since cancer is not an acute but a chronic disease, when a doctor tells you that you are cured it is still important to take care of your body, make sure that you do regular tests, and ensure that the disease does not return.

Being cured of cancer just means surviving 5 years after diagnosis.

Remission is the word that every cancer victim wishes to hear from their doctor, and it definitely happens.

However, sadly, only a minority of cancer patients live past the 5-year period after being diagnosed.

Because cancer is such a horrible disease, medical scientists are still actively searching for the definite cure.

Even though it is really important to find the final cure, it is also important to make the most of what we have today.

We should try to make current treatments work as best as they can, increase the patients’ quality of life, and so on.

In most cases, this traditional approach to cancer treatment causes the patient to feel miserable.

Their quality of life decreases significantly, and they feel sick and weak.

Even worse than that is that even after enduring these harsh treatments, they are still uncertain whether this will yield positive and definite results.


Using PEMF Therapy for Cancer Treatment

So, one of the most important questions is how to predict successfully the outcome of traditional treatment, and make it more efficient.

The answer to this question may be located in PEMF devices and their electromagnetic therapy.

Even though the evidence that supports the beneficial effects of PEMF therapy on cancer is not very elaborate, the situation is not much different for other modes of treatment.

Therefore, there should be no harm in targeting cancer with PEMF treatment.

Traditional medicine often also lacks the support of proper research, and carries a high level of uncertainty.

However, since the wider official medical community accepts and authorizes its treatments, they are given more credibility than they might otherwise have.

Since PEMF devices are still relatively new compared to other approaches, many medical professionals and patients are skeptical about their beneficial effects, so it is hard to convince them to give PEMF a try.

Therefore, many doctors limit themselves, remaining completely unaware of the implications of PEMF devices and being unwilling to explore the topic.

Similarly, most doctors do not want to consider that nutrition also plays a very important role in dealing with cancer.

Thus, most cancer victims need to look for alternative modes of treatment on their own, without any professional assistance.

However, there were two studies completed recently that tell us more about PEMF and cancer treatment.

One study was done on humans, while the other was done on animals.

But, since the findings of studies done on animals do not always apply 100% to humans, we need to take these results with a grain of salt.

In any case, you as an individual have all the power to make a decision and choose the form of treatment that you see is the fittest to cure you.


Human PEMF Cancer Study

In a study completed in China on humans, the efficiency and safety of rotary magnetic fields at low frequencies were observed in treating patients suffering from advanced-stage malignant tumors. (1)

One hundred thirty-seven patients took part in the study, all of whom suffered from malignant tumors.

They were treated with a sinusoidal magnetic field at frequencies of 7 Hz and intensity at 4000 Gauss every day for 2 hours, for a period of between 30 and 50 days.

The results of the study showed a 60% benefit.

A complete response was seen in 28 patients, while a partial response was observed in 54 patients.

The average survival rate was 1 year. The other survival rates were: 1 year – 47%, 2 years – 11.8%, 3 years – 3.4%.

There were almost no complications and no deaths caused by the treatment. However, unfortunately, patients who suffered from very advanced forms of cancer didn’t see high survival rates.

But if any treatment can significantly improve the overall quality of someone’s life, that means it is important.

The PEMF treatment that was used in this study seems to have improved the overall quality of life for most people, and even prolonged the life of some.

It is very well-known that those who suffer from advanced stages of cancer have a quite poor quality of life.

Traditional medicine in these cases is only experimental, and usually doesn’t yield many benefits.

Even though the PEMF device that was used in the study is different from those that can be bought on the market, there are PEMF devices that have comparable frequencies and intensities that are commercially available.

The biggest downside of these PEMF devices is that they are usually very expensive, and you need a lot of time in order to do the therapy – usually at least two hours every day for months, years, or the rest of your life.

It is still not completely clear if a treatment conducted for longer than 30-50 days would have provided better results.

But, in any case, the results are very impressive, if we consider how short the therapy period was.

Another consideration is that when the PEMF treatment is administered in a doctor’s office, it is usually for too short a time.

So, even though commercial devices are not as strong as the one in the study, they can produce similar results, and they can be used for a longer period.

The bottom line is that there are no harm or no side effects, so there is no reason not to give it a try. It can only do good for you.


Animal PEMF Cancer Study

Another study done in China in October 2013 tested how effective pulsed electromagnetic fields were in treating breast cancer in mice. (2)

In order to understand the study, it is important to know that electric fields have both magnetic and electric aspects.

In this study, a very short pulse length of pulsed electric waves was used; this was so that they couldn’t create enough heat to damage or destroy tissue.

The frequency used was 4 Hz. Positive results were achieved after the second week of treatment, when tumor growth was slowed by almost 80%.

The medical checks were done using an MRI machine to check for any changes in the tumor.

Many different cancer growth factors, including the formation of new blood vessels, were slowed down, as well.

For controls, the normal skin was also subjected to this treatment.

However, the normal, healthy skin didn’t show any permanent changes.

This showed us that healthy cells and tissue respond to PEMF therapy in a different way than tumor cells.

Therefore, there is a huge potential that PEMF therapy has the power to slow down tumor cell growth and, in that way, slow down the development of breast cancer in mice and possibly in humans as well.



These two studies show us just how much potential PEMF therapy has in treating cancer, no matter how advanced it is.

However, we understand that it is important to run additional studies before we can draw definite conclusions.

But nobody can say what the best form of treatment for cancer is, so it is important to take all options into consideration.

PEMF therapy can be a powerful ally to traditional forms of treatment.

In the end, every patient should choose for themselves what form of treatment they want to accept or decline, but it is better to increase one’s chances with as many options as are available.