About Us

PEMF Advisor was founded by a team of dedicated healthcare professionals and science enthusiasts. Our goal is to explain complex topics related to PEMF in easy to understand language. PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy has been around for decades but it is still relatively unknown in mainstream medicine. This is the situation that we are trying to address on this website. By evaluating various studies in scientific journals, our goal is to explain what researchers have learned in an easy to understand way. All claims that are published on this site are triple checked for accuracy and supported by actual research studies published in the most reputable scientific journals.


Mission Statement

Since PEMF therapy became more prominent and better known to the general public, many companies have entered the market. Over the past years years, new PEMF companies have emerged with their “best of the best” lineup of “new and improved” PEMF machines. They are supposed to “miraculously help with all known and unknown” problems. This is the main reason why PEMF Advisor has been founded. Our goal is to check the validity of various claims and make sure that they are based on scientific evidence. We analyze the available research and conducted our own objective analysis. Our goal is to provide useful and relevant information, so you can make your own decisions about which device to buy or rent.

PEMF Advisor is very passionate about what we do. Many of us have had medical issues that have been treated through the use of PEMF devices. This is  why we are all inspired by this old and mysterious natural phenomenon and its medical potential.


Our Team

Richard Hoover

Richard Hoover is a PEMF expert and content contributor to PEMF Advisor. With a bachelor’s degree in physics and multiple certifications in natural health programs, he is one of the best PEMF experts around.


Dr. John Miller

Dr. John Miller is an internal medicine doctor in San Jose, Costa Rica. His specialty is preventative care and research. At PEMF Advisor, his main role is to contribute content and to verify medical claims.


Michael Smith

Michael Smith is a social media and digital marketing guru. With 10 years of experience in all areas of online marketing, Michael is an integral part of the PEMF Advisor team.