17 Science-Backed PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy) Benefits

In this article we will explain all evidence-based benefits of PEMF therapy as well as other important aspects like frequency and amplitude.

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Nowadays many people are leading a life in which they do not move enough on a daily basis.

Leading an inactive life means that your whole body will suffer, as there will not be a good enough flow of energy and blood.

If our body is active, however, and our muscles move enough, we will start experiencing many benefits.

The aging process gets postponed, our body does not lose its vitality, and we suppress or eliminate any potential diseases.

However, for many people, this is not practically possible.

On top of that, many people fail to realize how complex the human body is.

It needs to be healthy on a deeper, more basic, cellular level, in order for us to feel completely at ease.

Not being able to see the symptoms of a disease doesn’t mean that we are completely healthy.

The pathological process can occur and we may not be aware of it until it’s too late.

This is why PEMF devices and PEMF therapy are important and beneficial.

They can help your cells stay healthy and your body to be more in harmony, even if you do not have enough time to move and be active every single day.

What you need is several minutes every day and a little bit of knowledge and training.

PEMF therapy has been in use for a long time – almost 70 years – and has been the topic of many studies.

There are more than 2000 studies’ results now available to which you can refer to learn more about its benefits.

Today, PEMF therapy is being used both by medical experts and ordinary people.

It’s a useful therapy that improves the state of your ligaments, muscles, nerves, tendons, joints, and cartilage.

It also helps with pain and overall well-being.

And PEMF therapy is a verified technique, having been recognized and regulated worldwide.

  • The FDA has approved the use of PEMF therapy for the treatment of nonunion bone fractures, urinary incontinence, muscle stimulation, depression, and anxiety.
  • Canada recognizes PEMF devices to help treat various conditions.
  • Israel accepts PEMF devices for the treatment of migraines.
  • The EU has approved PEMF therapy to help in recovery from trauma and degeneration, and several motion issues.
  • Germany, Switzerland, and Austria have approved PEMF therapy to treat cancer.


What is PEMF Therapy?

What we all can see and feel, and what we have all learned in school, is that energy is everywhere around us and that it is always moving and changing states.

Since energy is dynamic, it means that it always has a specific frequency.

Every atom, chemical, and cell in our bodies emits their own EMF (Electromagnetic Field); therefore, every kind of energy in nature is electromagnetic.

The organs in our body also produce EMF of specific frequencies.

The fact that our bodies produce EMF means that we are alive.

Dead and static objects do not emit EMF. So, when we die, this activity ceases.

That is why PEMF therapy is so beneficial.

It targets the very principle via which our cells work, and aims to bring the balance back to our body on a cellular level.

This PEMF energy does not need to be strong.

Our cells are very good receptors of PEMF, and they get triggered by even the slightest amounts.

PEMF therapy is so beneficial because it can treat even the most minor pathological states or imbalances of which we are unaware.

It does this in a very natural way. Imagine that your cells are batteries and that their energy levels get depleted.

PEMF therapy recharges your cells with vital energy, allowing them to function properly once again.

PEMF therapy and PEMF devices produce frequencies of electromagnetic energy that have been tuned to be ideal for our cells and organs.

That’s why it is so beneficial; it imitates nature’s methods.


Which Frequency to Use?

When we talk about electromagnetic waves, we refer to them in Hertz (Hz).

This measure represents the number of cycles a wave produces in one second.

You will find many PEMF devices on the market, and many of them use different frequencies.

They can vary from 1 Hz up to 10,000 Hz.

However, just like when you want to listen to a specific radio station you tune in to their frequency, it’s the same with our body.

The cells, body regions, organs, and pathological states have different frequencies.

That is why, if we want to target one of these specifically, we have to tune in to their frequency and talk the same language.

Now, many studies have been conducted on the perfect frequency.

The conclusion is that the human body and the Earth both have the same frequencies, which is between 0-30Hz.

Therefore, when you want to use PEMF therapy, you need to make sure to stay within these limits, but choose the specific frequency for the type of result that you want to achieve.


Why is Amplitude Important?

If we want to make the most of our PEMF treatment, we need to think not only about frequency, but about amplitude, as well.

Similar to the ideal frequency window, there is also an ideal amplitude window.

Again, our cells are very sensitive, so we need to keep both the frequency and the amplitude low.

If either frequency or amplitude is too strong, we can cause damage to our cells instead of healing them.

The ideal amplitude, thus, at which our PEMF device should operate is 30-60 uT. uT stands for micro-Teslas.

There are some PEMF devices that are able to produce amplitudes much higher than this.

Don’t buy them, since this feature will do you no good.

You don’t need a lot when it comes to PEMF.


Why is the Biorhythm Clock Important?

Even though the perfect frequency range for PEMF therapy is narrow, or 0-30Hz, we can make it even more specific.

One additional parameter that we can use is our biorhythm clock.

This can change the ideal frequency for our body, depending on the time of day.

Since PEMF can have different effects on our body, we need to determine which effects we want when.

For instance, in the morning, when we wake up, we want to have more energy for our daily activities.

Therefore, we should choose a faster frequency, somewhere between 15-30Hz.

This way, our body produces more cortisol, and we become more alert.

On the other hand, before sleep, we ideally want to lower cortisol and increase melatonin, which is our sleep hormone.

This way our body will realize that it is the time when it needs to rest, and we will have better-quality sleep.

So, we should choose a frequency between 0-7Hz.

We can see the proof for this in the Earth itself.

The Earth’s frequency is higher during the day, and that is why that is not our natural time to sleep.

During the night, the frequency of the Earth decreases, and so does ours.

Because of that, we need to listen to our body and to nature.

If we do not adjust the frequency according to our biorhythm, we will do more bad than good.


Health Benefits of PEMF Therapy

PEMF therapy has many proven health benefits for humans. Numerous studies have proven these known benefits, and found possible new ones.

New studies are being done frequently, since PEMF is such a popular topic and therapy.

PEMF therapy is beneficial when it comes to simple problems like fatigue, or range of motion, but also for some more pressing illnesses like arthritis, cancer, depression, and more.

It is not only beneficial in reversing illnesses, but also in preventing them.

By using PEMF therapy regularly, we can keep ourselves in good and strong condition so that we can better deal with the struggles and stresses of everyday life.

Let us enumerate some of the many health benefits of PEMF therapy in greater detail.


Fast Cell Regeneration

The Annals of Plastic Surgery published a study in 1986 that dealt with possible health benefits that PEMF therapy could have on cell regeneration.

The main point was to determine what the relationship was between soft-tissue healing and PEMF. (1)

Even though the results were not definitive, there was a correlation and an effect found.

The study especially focused on the effects of PEMF on faster wound healing.

Many scientists believe that more research is necessary before these correlations can be proven with 100% certainty, so many studies are already on the way.


Treatment of Arthritis

Certain Indian researchers have definitively concluded that PEMF therapy can have a very positive effect on patients who struggle with arthritis symptoms.

A study was completed in 1998 that found a correlation between PEMF and rheumatoid arthritis.

The study participants experienced numerous beneficial results. (2)


Depression Treatment

A study completed in early 2000 found that there is a strong link between PEMF therapy and depression.

In the study, PEMF therapy had good results for the emotional state and motor activity of rats.

These rats were observed to be more active and more emotionally stable.

Specifically, the study proved that the effects of PEMF therapy with a frequency of between 4-6 Hz decreased the adverse effects of anxiety, fear, and depression in these rats. (3)


Better Blood Flow

A study was completed and published in 2004 in the Journal of Orthopedic Research, whose aim was to find a link between the function of arteriolar microvessels and PEMF.

It is important to mention that the study was not conducted on humans, but on rats.

The diameter of their arteriolar microvessels was measured both before and after PEMF stimulation.

The scientists came to the conclusion that PEMF had clear positive results with regard to vasodilatation.

Local use in areas where blood flow is impeded can lead to a widening of blood vessels and improve blood circulation. (4)


Low Diabetes Factors

In 2013 a study was completed on 121 patients.

These patients all suffered from an illness called diabetic polyneuropathy.

At the end of the research, a strong correlation was found between PEMF and this diabetic syndrome.

While the patients were in the study, there were clear signs that PEMF was helping with their illness.

The main symptoms of diabetic polyneuropathy were alleviated, the peripheral nerves showed improvement, and their spinal motor neurons performed better.

These are all areas that are typically affected by the disease.

Finally, the scientists concluded that PEMF therapy had beneficial effects in treating both diabetic polyneuropathy and diabetes mellitus. (5)


Helps with Migraines

In 1999, a study was conducted to find a correlation between PEMF and migraine issues.

The study took place in the US, and involved 42 patients who reported chronic migraines.

The study lasted for 60 days, and after the conclusion of the therapy, all 42 patients reported that their condition had improved and that their migraines had disappeared or become less severe.

Therefore, the scientists concluded that a minimum of 20 days of consistent PEMF therapy can help patients who are struggling with migraines. (6)


Better Bone Healing

In 1999, a study was conducted in Bangladesh that proved a correlation between bone healing and PEMF.

The complete mechanism of the process was not completely clear, unfortunately.

Therefore, more research is underway to explain it more fully.

However, the fact that PEMF has positive effects on bone healing is undeniable. (7)


Better Range of Motion

In 1996, a study was featured in Clinical Rheumatology that proved a link between a range of motion issues and PEMF treatment.

On top of that, a correlation between cervical osteoarthritis-induced pain and PEMF has been found, as well.

Specifically, of the 34 patients involved in the study, all reported positive effects at the end.

The patients reported decreased neck pain, a lower number of muscle spasms, and improved range of motion as a consequence. (8)


Decreased Pelvic Pain

In 1999, a study in the European Journal of Surgery found that there was at least a short-term positive effect on pelvic pain from PEMF. (9)


Nerve Repair

In 1993 a study was completed to investigate what effects PEMF use had on sciatic nerve issues.

The study’s results were positive.

The conclusion was that a pretreatment with PEMF on rats’ sciatic nerve caused positive stimulation.

Even though the study was not conducted on humans, we can see that PEMF can stimulate and improve the function of nerve tissue in the body. (10)


Additional Preventative Health Benefits of PEMF

Better Overall Health

PEMF therapy is especially beneficial in keeping our body in good working condition.

It helps to neutralize any negative effects of stress, and helps our organs to function properly.

Our inbuilt defense mechanisms can thus better deal with minor issues before they become more severe.

Since all of the cells in our body have their own life cycle, we need to make sure that the new ones have a healthy environment in which to be created and to develop.

If we use PEMF therapy daily, we can ensure that this cycle works as it needs to.


Less Stress

Our lives nowadays are packed with stress.

Our body can react to these sources of stress in two ways – healthy or unhealthy, that is, adaptive or maladaptive.

Stress has many debilitating health effects on our body.

It causes diabetes, heart issues, fatigue, arthritis, weak immune system, depression, anxiety, and so on.

Research shows that PEMF helps treat this issue on a very basic level.

It changes how our nervous system, cells, glands, organs, and tissues respond to stress.

If we use PEMF for a longer period, our body can remodel tissues that usually react negatively to stress so that in the future they will react less, or at least less negatively.


Slows Ageing

Electricity is very important in our body.

With aging, the electrical system in our body suffers more and more breaks, so cells have trouble communicating and performing their purpose.

PEMF repairs these breaks, and helps to maintain the system.

PEMF also stimulates the production of ATP (cell energy), and antioxidant defenses throughout the body.

Moreover, PEMF promotes higher levels of blood oxygen and increased blood flow.

If we use it for a longer period, it can also help with sugar and cholesterol levels, as well as blood pressure.


Better Sleep

If you want to improve your sleep and sleep patterns, PEMF can be a great solution.

PEMF stimulates the hypothalamus, which in turn controls the sleep and the circadian rhythms.

Therefore, if you use PEMF therapy before sleep and you set it at just the right frequency, it will cause you to feel drowsier, calm your brain, and prepare you for the REM phase of your sleep cycle.

On top of that, PEMF also increases your Slow Wave Sleep (SWS).

This is the most important part of your NREM (non-REM) sleep cycle, and it happens early at night.


Alleviates Sleep Problems

Since PEMF therapy is known to improve circulation, relax muscles, and lower stress, it will consequently improve sleep as having good-quality sleep depends on all of these factors.

Many studies on sleep have proven that sleep disruption causes increased levels of both cortisol and adrenaline at night.

Sleep disruption also causes a faster metabolic rate both during the day and at night, which additionally impairs sleep.

PEMF therapies can help a lot because they can hinder the activation of both adrenal glands and our sympathetic nervous system.


Electrosmog Protection

If we use PEMF therapy on a daily basis, it can also help to protect our system from electrosmog.

Electrosmog is everywhere around us, and is composed of all the frequencies that are harmful that come from our smartphones, power lines, microwaves, WIFI signals, hair dryers, and so on. They are almost omnipresent, so it is impossible to escape from them.

On top of that, they have a strong negative effect on our body, as they deplete it of its natural energy and cause more stress.

Since we cannot escape it, we have at least to neutralize it by adding energy that is actually beneficial.

PEMF stimulates our cells and keeps them working at healthy frequencies, and in that way protects them from the consequences of electrosmog.


Better Sport Performance

When we expose our muscles to PEMF, it has been proven that they can work longer and harder and recover faster.

This means that we can train better and need less rest in between.

It also means less pain the day after working out.

If you use it, your body will be better able to deal with the physical strain, and avoid injuries.

PEMF therapy is most beneficial if we use it before and after physical activity.

It stimulates a process called myosin phosphorylation, or the act of creation of energy by our muscles.

PEMF can help our muscle cells increase their levels of energy five-fold.

They achieve this through faster movement of electrolytes and ions.

Intense physical activity also increases the levels of heat shock proteins that are intended to prevent cellular breakdown and improve recovery.

PEMF adds up and helps to stimulate the production of these proteins even more.

PEMF also ups the amount of oxygen a muscle can take. Studies show a minimum of 1% improvement of oxygen levels after PEMF therapy.

This is more than enough to improve athletic performance.

Furthermore, PEMF also improves blood flow, which is important for recovery and oxygen transportation.

And PEMF eliminates the swelling that happens after strenuous exercise, and leads the blood away from any bruises, which speeds up recovery even more.



As you can see, there are numerous health benefits of PEMF therapy.

No matter if you have one of the health conditions listed above, or you believe that you are perfectly healthy, you should consider PEMF treatment.

It can benefit people on both ends of the exercise spectrum, whether you are a couch potato or an exercise junkie.

Even better, the negative effects are few or nonexistent if PEMF therapy is used as prescribed. If you follow the guidance provided in this article, you will surely reap only the benefits.