How Do PEMF Devices Work?

PEMF devices have been around for quite some time, and it is no secret that they have numerous positive effects on our health and overall condition.

A multitude of studies has been completed that has shown us the variety of ways in which we can employ PEMF devices for our betterment.

The principle which PEMF devices use to achieve these health benefits has been clear to us for thousands of years.

As long as 4000 years ago, Chinese medical practitioners used magnetic stones to cure diseases and restore balance to the body.

Nowadays, we know that PEMF devices help us to alleviate symptoms and cure various illnesses like migraines, arthritis, and bone fractures, and also get rid of pain and cure cancer.

Moreover, many countries have approved PEMF therapies for treatments of various health problems.

These countries include the U.S., Austria, Switzerland, Germany, Canada, the European Union, Israel, and so on.

They have all regulated the use of PEMF, and have recognized its benefits.

The ways in which these electromagnetic frequencies work and achieve their positive effects on our bodies is not a secret to us, either.

We know the principle well, thanks to the many studies that have been done on this issue.

Read on to find out just what happens when you turn on your PEMF device.


How Do PEMF Devices Work?

PEMF devices send electromagnetic waves to target individual cells in our body.

There are more than 70 trillion cells in the human body, and all of them store energy that is electromagnetic in nature.

This energy in our cells is important because all 70 trillion of our cells use electromagnetic waves to communicate information.

If this electromagnetic exchange is hindered in any way, the whole balance of our body may be disrupted.

These electromagnetic exchanges between cells also control our bodies’ chemistry.

In turn, this chemistry controls the function of our tissues and organs.

In any disease process, our cell metabolism is impaired, and this is exactly what PEMF devices aim to resolve.

When PEMF devices address our impaired chemistry, cell function is improved, and thus so is our overall health.

Moreover, much as the batteries of your smartphone discharge their energy slowly and need to be recharged, so too do the cells in your body.

PEMF devices recharge your body’s cells with positive electromagnetic energy and allow them to be at the peak of their power, once again.

Most PEMF devices vary in several key features, such as frequency, intensity, waveform, available programs, accessories, and polarity.

Let’s learn more about each of these features in order truly to grasp how these devices help our health.


PEMF Frequency

The importance of frequency in PEMF treatment is huge.

Much as the SIM card in your smartphone responds only to one frequency when you dial the correct number, so too do the individual organs and cells in your body.

In order to target specific organs or ailments, we need to know at which frequency they operate, and to use that frequency on our PEMF device.

There is a great debate in the process about which frequency is the best.

However, there is no such thing.

Something that works well for you might not work so well for other people.

So far, studies have shown that the best frequencies for our body are the same ones at which the Earth operates.

These frequencies fall within the range of 1-32 Hz.

Even though this statement is generally true, and these frequencies are beneficial for some health conditions, they do not work for all of them.

Some health issues need to be targeted with frequencies that are much higher than those mentioned, or weak and strong frequencies need to be combined, for best results.

Some devices that are FDA-approved are able to produce frequencies of tens of thousands of hertz; all of them have their applications.

Generally, chronic issues respond much better if they are targeted with high frequencies, and acute issues will respond in a better way to low frequencies.

However, even this is not the complete truth, as there are still many variations within the rule.


PEMF Intensity

Much as with electromagnetic frequencies, PEMF devices also operate at different electromagnetic intensities.

Different intensities are more or less suitable to treat different pathologies.

Again, similar to frequencies, the human body also responds best to low-intensity electromagnetic waves.

This is not to say that only low-intensity waves are beneficial; high-intensity waves have their role in PEMF therapy, as well.

However, the biggest portion of PEMF devices for sale on the market operate at very low intensities.

Even those PEMF devices that are considered high intensity only max out at around 2000 Gauss.

Comparatively, an MRI machine works in the range of 10,000 – 30,000 Gauss.

Since we know that MRI machines are completely safe, even though they use such powerful intensities, we can conclude that there aren’t really intensities that are too high when it comes to PEMF therapy.

It all depends on the problem that we want to tackle, and the result that we want to achieve.

Generally speaking, the more rooted the problem is in the body, the higher-intensity treatment we will need to target it and achieve some positive result.

If the intensity is low, it does not mean that the electromagnetic wave will not penetrate fully through your body.

It just means that for more severe health issues, we need a higher amount of charge that will be produced in the body and that will create a rapid change.


PEMF Waveforms

The same principle that was applicable to frequency and intensity also applies to waveforms.

There aren’t ideal or superior ones.

As a matter of fact, the waveform is not even that important.

At least, it is not as important as the frequency and intensity.

However, waveforms are a feature that is often mentioned when PEMF devices are advertised, so it is useful to learn more about it.

Numerous studies have been performed on various types of waveforms, and the final conclusion was that all waveforms are effective.

However, there are unfortunately no studies that compare these waveforms and their efficacies.

There are many different types of waveforms that you will encounter when you research different PEMF devices, such as square, sinusoidal, trapezoidal, sawtooth, and so on.

The good news is that all of them will work well.

In the end, some PEMF device manufacturers prefer one type of waveform, while others favor another type.

There is no rule.

But you shouldn’t be too confused about or too concerned with this option.


Program Options of PEMF Devices

There is a multitude of PEMF devices on the market, and all of them are different in terms of the variety of program options that they offer.

There are some devices which offer only one program, and that is all right if that program is designed to target your condition.

On the other hand, there are devices that have numerous programs designed to address various wellness conditions.

Some devices also have programs that run according to the biorhythm clock.

All of these programs are good and none will harm you.

However, they might not be equally beneficial for the type of health issue that you want to target.

Even biorhythm programs can be used for different purposes.

Some health conditions need higher frequencies, and these are basically alerting biorhythm programs.

Others need soothing frequencies.

Therefore, we might use morning frequencies at night, or night frequencies in the morning if we just want to calm down.

Similarly, there are certain condition programs such as “relaxation,” “circulation,” or “vital,” and these can be used at different times of the day to mimic the state in which we want our brain to be at a certain time.

Therefore, as long as you are aware of which issues you want to target and the frequencies at which they operate, you can use different programs regardless of the time of the day.


Accessories Used by PEMF Devices

Many PEMF devices use various accessories to treat different health problems.

These accessories can be very beneficial and can shorten the time necessary for visible results by a lot.

Some accessories for your device might be able to produce different sounds or light signals and can be beneficial if you wish to relax or meditate.

One accessory item that is available with many devices is a pen applicator or a handheld probe.

This accessory is used to direct electromagnetic waves at a specific part of the body, or a specific organ, and many people find it useful.

Moreover, many devices have features that allow.

In some cases, this can be very beneficial, but in others, it is completely unnecessary.

The good thing is that you can choose recommended settings for your condition, and let the machine do the rest of the work while you just wait for results.


Polarity and PEMF Devices

The polarity is mentioned, as an important feature when PEMF devices are discussed.

However, polarity does not really have a big impact on how pulsed electromagnetic fields work.

It is, however, important to understand fully what it is.

This idea of polarity is similar to the way we describe the Earth’s poles – the North and the South Pole.

However, there are two types of poles on the Earth – the magnetic and the geographic.

The confusing point is that they are located on the opposite sides of the Earth.

So, the magnetic North pole is the same as the geographic South pole, and vice versa.

That is why we use terms like negative and positive, to avoid confusion.

With that in mind, when we switch the polarity on a PEMF device, nothing special happens.

All that occurs is that the electromagnetic waves are going to change the direction in which they pulse through our body.

The important thing to realize is that the magnetic field does not have a charge like electricity does.

Therefore, by switching to the North or South pole orientation, we cannot enhance one or the other.

Moreover, there haven’t been many studies done that prove that there are many benefits to changing polarity.

Therefore, it is not a big part of how PEMF devices work.

However, the polarity is a big part of PEMF devices’ advertisement, so it is important to clarify it, at least until new studies appear that prove otherwise.


Health Benefits of PEMF Devices

We know that PEMF devices have numerous health benefits, both for sick and for healthy people.

We also know how these devices achieve these health benefits.

Therefore, here are some of the most well-known health benefits that they have:

  • Indian researchers have found that PEMF devices have numerous positive results when used by patients struggling with symptoms of arthritis (1).
  • A study conducted on 42 patients struggling with anxiety showed that PEMF therapy has beneficial effects on this issue. After sixty days of treatment, all patients showed improvements in their condition (2).
  • PEMF therapy can cause vasodilatation, as one study shows. The vasodilatation was done on arteriolar microvessels, which can be especially helpful for heart conditions (3).
  • Studies show that electromagnetic therapy can improve the condition of patients struggling with anxiety and depression, and achieve positive, soothing results (4).
  • During a study, 121 patients suffering from diabetic neuropathy received treatment with PEMF devices. All participants in the study showed improvement in their condition toward the end of the study (5).
  • PEMF has scientifically-proven positive effects on painful conditions. A study was concluded on patients suffering from pelvic pain, with some reassuring results (6).