What is PEMF Used For?

More than one-third of all Americans have problems with chronic pain.

Doctors usually prescribe them painkillers, surgeries, or deep injections to offer relief, which is often short-term.

However, people are looking for another solution that does not carry potential side-effects.

PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field) therapy is a non-invasive and pain-free treatment for injuries, pain, bone-related conditions, and soft-tissue issues.

PEMF treatment targets problems by sending out pulsed electromagnetic waves that vary in frequency and intensity.

The use of PEMF therapy has been supported by numerous studies, and allows the body both to restore itself and reach its full potential.

It helps people heal wounds, regenerate tissue, reduce swelling, and so much more.

And people are not the only ones who can use this type of therapy.

Electromagnetic energy appears in all living beings.

Therefore, our pets, plants, and horses can benefit from this therapy, and there are devices produced especially for them.

The success of PEMF therapy lies in the fact that it works similarly to the Earth’s natural magnetic field.

The Earth’s magnetic field operates at frequencies of between 1-32 Hz, and so do many PEMF devices (even though there are some that use much higher frequencies, as well).

This treatment was developed by NASA, which aimed to develop a non-invasive way to help astronauts suffering from depression, fatigue, and bone density loss, as well as numerous other symptoms.

The cause of these problems for astronauts was that they were away from the influence of the Earth’s magnetic field, but ordinary people suffer from similar ailments, as well.

In 1979 the FDA approved PEMF therapy for treatment of nonunion fractures after Columbia University completed a study on the subject.

Since then, many other countries have also approved the use of PEMF therapy, such as Canada, Israel, the European Union, and so on.

Today, we have more than 2000 studies and more than 4000 years of legacy to verify that PEMF therapy can be equally beneficial for people (both healthy and sick), and our pets, horses, and plants.

Let’s take a deeper look at what the benefits of PEMF therapy are for each of these groups, and what the indications are for its use.


Who Can Use PEMF Therapy?

The list of those who can use PEMF therapy without any worries is quite long.

Almost anyone can use it, excluding several special categories which we will cover soon.

The bottom line is that PEMF therapy is very helpful for people who are suffering from certain health conditions.

However, those who are not suffering from any problems can use it, as well.

Additionally, PEMF therapy can be a great solution for your pets’ and horses’ health issues, and there are also specialized devices for them.

Your plants are not excluded, as PEMF therapy can really help them thrive!


PEMF Uses for Healthy People

There are no counterindications for healthy people in PEMF therapy.

Yes, this therapy can work wonders for certain health conditions, but it is not limited only to sick people.

Since PEMF therapy has few to no side effects and thus can do no harm, it means that it can be used freely by people who are not experiencing any health issues.

The beneficial electromagnetic waves can do a lot of good for your cells.

Even though we may not be aware of them, most people who live in the modern world suffer from some underlying problems that are usually caused by excessive stress.

Our cells have the ability to store electromagnetic energy, but they can also become depleted.

When we relax, meditate, and live a life without stress, our energy is high and we are full of vitality.

However, not many people can afford that luxury.

On the other hand, when we live a very stressful life, that takes a toll on our energy reserves.

Our cells become depleted of energy and fatigued.

Therefore, we start feeling listless and fatigued ourselves, and can become susceptible to disease.

But when we, as seemingly perfectly healthy people, use PEMF therapy, we become healthy in a truly complete way.

Our energy levels are replenished, and our body and mind are better able to cope with everyday stress.

We can view our cells as batteries that over time lose energy.

The more you use your smartphone, the faster it loses its energy.

The same thing happens to the cells in our body.

That is why it is important to give them a jolt of positive electromagnetic energy, and recharge them.

Moreover, every day, we are exposed to many harmful, artificial electromagnetic waves.

For example, our smartphones, personal computers, TVs, refrigerators, WIFI routers, power lines, and so on all emit harmful radiation.

Our cells are very good at picking up these signals, and after a while, it starts taking a toll on us.

Unfortunately, we cannot escape this radiation because it is everywhere around us.

However, what we can do is help our cells overcome it, with the help of PEMF devices.


PEMF Uses for Sick People

People who suffer from different health conditions can benefit greatly from PEMF therapy.

There have been now more than 2000 studies done on various pathologies that show a positive response to PEMF therapy.

For these diseases, people can experience both short-term and long-term benefits, which can appear very quickly, or may require a longer time to show improvements.

Some of the most popular health issues that PEMF can impact positively are arthritis, blood flow, pain, nerve damage, and migraines, and many more, as well.

  • Indian researchers proved in a study that PEMF therapy can have very positive results when used on people who are suffering from arthritis. In their study, patients who previously suffered from rheumatoid arthritis showed great improvements after the therapy. (1)
  • PEMF has been shown to have some very good effects on people who are suffering from diabetes, especially those who have diabetic polyneuropathy. As observed in a study, after continuous use of PEMF therapy, patients improved their nerve stimulation. Both peripheral and spinal nerves showed improvements. (2)
  • Bone Fractures. People who have suffered nonunion bone fractures can greatly benefit from PEMF therapy. These fractures are some of the most difficult to heal properly, so this finding is very important. Scientists in Bangladesh proved this back in 1999. (3)
  • Those who have problems with circulation and clogged blood vessels can turn to PEMF therapy for help. PEMF devices are especially successful at vasodilatation, which can be of great importance to people who suffer from heart issues. A study was completed in 2004 to prove this correlation. (4)
  • PEMF therapy can also be very beneficial for our mental health. This was proved in 2000, when it was shown that PEMF therapy can improve the emotional condition of subjects, as well as help with the anxiety and fear that are also attributed to depression. (5)
  • Range of Motion. Due to our sedentary lives, many people suffer from range of motion issues. These can cause problems with our joints, muscles, tendons, and other soft tissue. PEMF therapy can help a lot by relaxing the muscles and alleviating certain symptoms like pain and stiffness. (6)
  • Migraines are somewhat common. Be it due to stress, excessive use of digital screens, or other physiological causes, many of us experience them at one point or another. PEMF therapy can be a good addition to or a substitution for painkillers, as a study on 42 patients in 1999 showed. All of them experienced relief from migraine severity. (7)
  • Taking painkillers is a very effective way of dealing with pain. However, they carry many side-effects. Also, painkillers are known to be habit-forming over time. PEMF therapy, as a study in 1999 showed, can help, and relieve patients of pain. This was especially true for lower pelvic pain, but other types can be targeted as well. (8)
  • Another problem that many of us suffer from at some point in our lives is sciatica pain. This happens because of our sedentary life and improper posture. However, as a study in 1993 showed, PEMF therapy can help improve our condition and impact our sciatica inflammation in a positive way. (9)
  • Cell Regeneration. Scarring does not look nice aesthetically, and it can also cause problems. Luckily, a study showed that PEMF therapy can improve cell regeneration, especially in wounds. When targeted with electromagnetic waves, wounds heal quicker, and the cell regeneration process is improved. (10)


PEMF for Pets and Horses

It is interesting to know that the first introduction of static magnet therapy was for the healing of horses.

Later on, pulsed magnetic fields for horses were also introduced.

In many cases, these animals did not have to undergo surgery because their health issues were resolved by PEMF therapy; in some cases, they even evaded euthanasia.

Nowadays, more and more horse keepers and veterinarians are using PEMF devices such as horse blankets, leg wraps, sleep pads, and so on.

And house pets naturally gravitate towards sources of electromagnetic waves.

Many people report that when they turn on their PEMF device, their pets will come and sit near it.

Therefore, animals themselves feel the beneficial effects of electromagnetic therapy.

It is also likely that that house pets need less time and less intensity to achieve positive health results, due to their lower body mass.

And the animals’ metabolic rates are usually much higher than ours.

Therefore, they usually experience benefits much faster because of that, as well.

There is a vast array of health conditions that can be treated via PEMF in pets.

Just as with humans, there are almost no limitations and no counter-indications.

PEMF devices are preferable in pets (when possible), because they are less stressful than medications or medical procedures.

Just as in humans, PEMF therapy for horses, pets, and other animals can help greatly with bone fractures, sore or torn soft tissue in racing horses, different types of pain, nerve problems, and so much more.

Animals are usually more capable of healing from injuries and health conditions on their own, compared to humans.

Therefore, use of PEMF will be very beneficial for them to restore their cellular energy and give their cells and body the ability to fight diseases or infections or regenerate themselves faster.

The application of PEMF to our household pets or other animals will definitely result in lower veterinary bills, less medication, fewer special diets, less physical therapy, and so on.

Biology is biology, especially at the basic, cellular level, so the benefits are comparable or even identical to those seen in humans.


PEMF Counterindications

Even though PEMF therapy has many benefits both for healthy and sick people, and animals and plants, in some rare situations there are certain limitations and counterindications.

Therefore, if you fall into any of the following groups, suffer from any of the following conditions, or have any of the following devices, it is advisable that you refrain from the use of PEMF therapy.

  • If you are pregnant
  • Have a magnetically- or electrically-operated shunt
  • Have a cardiac pacemaker or defibrillator
  • Have an insulin pump
  • Have a gastric stimulator
  • Have a foot drop implant
  • Have a cochlear implant
  • Have any other implanted electronic medical device
  • Received a recent organ transplant
  • Have epilepsy
  • Have a significant fungal or bacterial infection
  • Suffer from cardiac arrhythmia
  • Have a high fever

It is important to note that there are no known side effects when PEMF therapy is used during pregnancy.

However, there is also not sufficient evidence to support this knowledge, so it is advisable that PEMF therapy is not used during pregnancy for that reason.

Moreover, since PEMF devices work by utilizing electromagnetic waves, these can negatively affect other electrical devices and electronic implants.

Apart from not using PEMF therapy if you have an electronic implant, you should also keep your credit and debit cards at least 50 cm away from your PEMF device, or else the data on them can become corrupted.