Earthpulse Review

Pulsed electromagnetic field (PEMF) therapy is one of the most exciting niches to ever hit the medical device industry.

Brands like EarthPulse, MagnaWave, Bemer, and HealthyLine have become buzz words across the health blogosphere and on influencer social media pages.

PEMF is non-pharmacological, non-invasive, and holds many remarkable benefits across a vast spectrum of pathologies.

However, many consumers are still very new to PEMF and don’t fully understand how it works, the various device brands, and the types of additional therapies that can accompany a PEMF mat.

Are you ready to learn more in our EarthPulse review?

Our review will serve as your ultimate understanding, vetting, and buying guide for the EarthPulse brand, specifically the EarthPulse ProBasic device.

We will walk you through EarthPulse PEMF therapy and specs.

You’ll know exactly what scientific research has to say about the PEMF configuration used by EarthPulse, including the fact that the device is very high intensity.

Learn if high intensity is beneficial or even safe.

Of course, we also breakdown all the consumer protections for you – warranties, certifications, and guarantees.

You’ll get a detailed price comparison, too.

Lastly, we let you know where to buy the EarthPulse if it turns out to be the right brand for you.

We’ve completed dozens upon dozens of health mat and PEMF reviews, and our goal is always the same.

We want to provide the consumer with a complete picture of the product, brand, and therapies so that due diligence becomes easier and the best product can be selected.

This particular review focuses on the EarthPulse brand, but we will offer comparisons to other major brands and therapies along the way so that you can better understand your options.


Who Is EarthPulse?

EarthPulse is a PEMF manufacturer with a patented modular-electromagnet inductor.

They have a total of six PEMF device models, which range in price from $399 to $1,999.

Five of the six are human application, and one is for large animals.

A look at the EarthPulse website shows a clear PEMF marketing direction toward the PEMF consumer in search of better sleep.

However, they do go into some other anti-aging and oxygenation benefits.

The company was established in 2002.

The EarthPulse program modes were established by inventor Paul Becker.

He identified PEMF frequencies alleged to be ideal for sleep, mental well-being, hormone repair and synthesis, anti-aging, and localized healing effects.

Aside from adding a few new applicators, sleep mode programs, and a digital controller, the EarthPulse design hasn’t veered much from its original design.

EarthPulse lists a USA address in Plantation, Florida.

However, consumers should note that the sales website for EarthPulse is under a different listing and title.

When the consumer clicks on a particular product from the EarthPulse website, they’re redirected to the Sleeptech-Performance Enhancements International LTD site, which is located in Cybercity of Ebene, Mauritius.

There’s also a listing for a Magnetic Therapy Ltd in the Bahamas on the EarthPulse website.


Earthpulse ProBasic Review

We selected the EarthPulse ProBasic because it is the mid-range product offering by EarthPulse.

We’ve found that the middle of the line products are the ones that most consumers ultimately select for value.

Although the ProBasic doesn’t include presets and must be used with a frequency setting manual, it may still suit serious PEMF enthusiasts who are interested in using PEMF in their homes.

Of course, if program modes are important to you, then you can move up to the V6 Pro model for an additional $300.


EarthPulse ProBasic Therapy At A Glance

  • PEMF-only therapy
  • Does not include far infrared, red light, crystal, or negative ion therapies.
  • No mat applicator
  • Includes two electromagnetic inductors (applicators)
  • Custom programmable
  • Manual settings from 0.5Hz to 14.4Hz
  • Eight programmed frequency level settings
  • Does not include the ability to save manual settings for future use
  • One waveform
  • One pulse duration
  • 2,200 Gauss high intensity PEMF
  • Baseline price of $899
  • Five sizing options at various prices at specs
  • 90-day full return policy
  • One-year device full warranty
  • One-year controller full warranty
  • Included travel case


We should note that the EarthPulse website specs for their PEMF devices respectively list the V6 Basic and V6 models at 110/1100 and 1100 Gauss, which is very clear language.

However, you’ll notice that the ProBasic V6 Pro, V6 ProPlus, and ProPlus Basic intensity specs are respectively listed by EarthPulse as 1100 Gauss x2, 1100 Gauss x2, 750 Gauss x4, and 750 Gauss x4.

The above may confuse some customers.

The brand is basically asking the consumer to multiply the Gauss times the number of applicators.

So, in the case of the ProBasic, the 1100 Gauss is multiplied by two applicators for a total of 2,200 Gauss.


Earthpulse ProBasic Construction

Unlike many PEMF brands today, such as the Bemer and HealthyLine, EarthPulse does not include a mat applicator with any of their PEMF devices, including the ProBasic.

Instead, EarthPulse offers electromagnets as their applicators.

You’ll get two electromagnets with the ProBasic.

The ProBasic controller’s design is sleek, compact, and would fit right in with your other high-tech devices.

It’s a simple design in an aesthetically pleasing package.

EarthPulse falls under the extremely high intensity range of PEMF.

The premise of the design couples these extremely high intensity PEMF pulses with two very large electromagnets that aren’t actually designed for direct body contact.

The controller’s interface is digital, and it only features four buttons – power, up, down, and select/start/reset.


Vender Information

EarthPulse works with several different distributors.

They also sell from their own homepage, albeit that you’re redirected to Sleep-Tech International, which labels itself as the “Official World-Wide EarthPulse Distributor.”

According to the Sleep-Tech International site, they ship direct from India, which leaves the consumer to cover any applicable levees for “import taxes” and additional charges.

Dr. Pawluk, a self-proclaimed leading medical authority in the field of PEMF, also sells the EarthPulse ProBasic on his website alongside his own products.

You can also find EarthPulse on Amazon, and there are occasionally sellers of both new and used EarthPulse products on eBay.

Both options have solid consumer productions with secure payments and vender vetting.

Still, we would recommend sticking with buying direct from the manufacturer to ensure the best customer support related to the device itself.


What Therapies Will You Get From EarthPulse?

PEMF has become a vast field with many niches and specific therapy combinations and configurations.

Each brand has a vein that they target within the niche.

For Bemer, for example, it’s microvascular circulation through PEMF combined with red light therapy.

On the other hand, HealthyLine is a brand that’s blazing a path for combining all the major therapies of PEMF (negative ion, crystal, FIR, and red light) into one single application.

EarthPulse remains focused on the singular therapy of PEMF, and they specialize in offering extremely high intensity PEMF.

Are The Supplement/Supportive PEMF Therapies Something To Be Considered?


Consumers look to PEMF for a number of unique and highly personalized reasons, whether that be circulation enhancement and disease-specific assistance or generalized well-being and health.

As such, no one particular brand, therapy set, or configuration is going to be right for all individuals.

PEMF is not a one-size-fits-all technology.

Therefore, we always encourage our readers to understand how therapies like negative ion, crystal, FIR, and red light serve to enhance, support, or supplement the PEMF experience.

It may be that you’re interested in PEMF alone, such as offered by Earth Pulse’s devices.

It may be that you want to combine a couple of therapies, such as offered by Bemer’s mat collection, or it could be that you’re interested in all the therapies as a collective, which is what HealthyLine offers.

But, as costly as PEMF devices are, the important part is that you’re aware of your options and what each therapy brings to the table.

EarthPulse’s PEMF device is PEMF-only, meaning you get a signal therapy.

Their marketing mainly targets the specs and configuration of their devices toward one purpose – sleep.

If sleep assistance is your primary PEMF goal, then you should read our guides on red light, negative ions, crystals, and far infrared therapies.

Sleep assistance is listed as a benefit under all these therapies, which may point you toward a more comprehensive PEMF model that offers multi-therapy.

The EarthPulse applicators are not mats.

In the vein of sleep and PEMF benefits, many consumers prefer the small pad or mat applicators, such as those by HealthyLine, because they can be applied locally or comfortably slept upon at a therapeutic low intensity.


EarthPulse PEMF Therapy

Science has confirmed that the majority of self-healing occurs while the body is at rest.

Sleep allows all the body’s energies to be focused on repair and automatic processes like respiration.

In targeting sleep enhancement, EarthPulse focuses on how the brain operates.

Frequency is a large part of PEMF, and the brain just so happens to operate on different frequencies for different activities.

Higher frequencies are involved in fight or flight, for example.

Meanwhile, sleep involves low frequencies.

The premise behind EarthPulse PEMF sleep enhancement is simple.

You use the device to synchronize your brain wave frequencies to a lower state so that you’re able to fall into a deep sleep.

The problem we have with EarthPulse is that all their devices are extremely high in intensity.

In fact, EarthPulse markets itself as offering the highest intensities at the most affordable prices.

Yet, such high intensities do not correspond with what we know from science about the sleeping brain’s intensity levels.

Our collective research actually completely contradicts the EarthPulse proposition and position on high intensity and sleep.

We invite you to examine our findings based on highly-creditable and independent PubMed research, which clearly demonstrates that higher intensities do not yield better results.

In fact, in some cases, it can even be counterproductive.


What Does EarthPulse Research Say About High Intensity PEMF?

In all fairness for this EarthPulse review, the brand goes to great lengths to offer the consumer supporting evidence and resources on their website.

We just didn’t find much actual value within that volume.

The first thing we noted was that all of the resources they cite use an array of devices, but none of those devices were actually EarthPulse devices.

Most PEMF brands invite researchers to use their devices and/or configurations for scientific data and literature.

We didn’t see any links to any third party testing or studies.

EarthPulse uses a 9.6Hz frequency for “sleeping and healing”.

EarthPulse goes into detail on why 9.6Hz is their magic number, saying that it’s because they found that the healing tones of 432Hz and 528Hz are actually the higher harmonics of a 9.6Hz frequency.

They singularly base their configuration on this numerical association.

The problem is that EarthPulse almost entirely bases the rationale for this on their own anecdotal, not scientific, information.

Thanks to the famed NASA PEMF study, 10Hz is also a referenced frequency.

Almost every single PEMF brand out there references this NASA study.

However, we have only found one PEMF product capable of recreating the PEMF configuration used by NASA, and that product is made by HealthyLine.

We invite you to read our HealthyLine Platinum mat review to learn more about their configuration possibilities.

We also noticed that EarthPulse references that their frequency is supported by research out of former Soviet Bloc countries, which we aren’t sure is considered a reliable source.

What we can tell you is that our own research from vast bodies of PubMed database does include EarthPulse’s frequency in the realm of earth-based frequencies.

The earth-based frequency range holds a consensus amongst experts as being the most natural PEMF.

We were surprised that EarthPulse didn’t offer the consumer this information.

The big question remained, however.

How could EarthPulse rationalize their use of such extremely high intensities?

The brand does note that high intensities are best applied locally, but they do not support the proposition with any studies or research.

We searched the EarthPulse website thoroughly for “intensity” support.

We found an internal article that reviews the “PicoTesla Magnetic Therapy Sandyk R. Research Bibliography” study.

The review states that the study showed how PEMF PicoTesla intensity of 1 and 999 PicoTesla, which for 999 PicoTesla would equate to 0.000000999 Gauss, was able to reduce Parkinson’s, disease, depression, MS, migraine headache, and epilepsy symptoms.

Keeping in mind that the EarthPulse’s 1,100 Gauss converts to 110,000,000,000 PicoTesla, we aren’t sure how this study’s extremely low intensities in any way applies to EarthPulse’s extremely high intensities.

Our bottom line on intensity is that we have yet to find a single body of independent research that supports PEMF in high intensities.

To the contrary, we have, however, found a plethora of research to show that high intensities are either unnecessary, ineffective, or contraindicated as potentially dangerous.


Guide To EarthPulse’s PEMF

All pulsed electromagnetic fields are characterized by unique attributes in waveform (shape,) intensity (amplitude,) and frequency of the field. Let’s look at each as they apply to EarthPulse:



Various PEMF brands use different waveforms.

Most studies, including the famous NASA PEMF study (4),  support square or sine waveforms, and they’re the most widely used amongst mainstream PEMF brands.

In line with this and the fact that EarthPulse creators were students of Royal Rife (5), EarthPulse uses a square waveform.

The rationale behind a square waveform has to do with a signal’s drop off rate.

The shape of the square wave has a more rapid change in amplitude, which makes it easier to realign the cellular electrons within the body.



EarthPulse uses a 0.5 to 14.4 Hz frequency spectrum.

This is congruent with natural PEMF frequency levels, which are based on the earth’s own frequency of 0 to 30Hz.

Did you know that all the frequencies the brain uses are within the earth-based frequency spectrum?

The device’s manual mode allows the user to manually adjust the frequency from 0.5 Hz to 14.4 Hz in increments of 0.1 Hz.

The device also features prescribed programs, but there’s some discrepancies in the number.

The website states there are 14, but it only lists 10:

  • Sleep mode 1
  • Sleep mode 2
  • Sleep mode 3
  • Sleep mode 4
  • Sleep easy
  • Recover
  • Alert
  • Entrain up
  • Entrain down
  • Manual

Each mode cycles through specific configurations based on the the alpha, beta, theta, and delta brain wave frequencies.

Recover mode and alert mode stay in the alpha (8Hz – 14Hz) for relaxed and alert and beta (14Hz – 30Hz) for alert wavelength frequencies.

Meanwhile, the various sleep modes maintain delta (0.5Hz – 4Hz) for deep sleep and theta (4Hz – 8Hz) for light sleep wavelength frequencies.

Do keep in mind that the above frequencies align with sleep benefits, but they do not necessarily align with other purposes, such as tissue recovery or circulation.



We’ve covered intensity above quite extensively, and the question remains as to why a user would want a potentially harmful to ineffective high intensity device when research shows low intensity devices to be the most efficient and effective?

We feel that EarthPulse has not answered this question, which is a similar problem we’ve run into with every high intensity device we’ve reviewed, including the MagnaWave’s B2 device.

While brands like Dr. Pawluk, MagnaWave, and EarthPulse all tout that more is better when it comes to PEMF intensity, we cannot support such a statement, and we’ve yet to find a brand that can do so with independent scientific findings.

However, we will give EarthPulse credit in being one of the lowest cost high intensity PEMF brands.

In our quest to determine the most therapeutic intensity configurations, we turned to PubMed.

We found hundreds of studies, but none supported high intensity.

In fact, many showed some striking results as to the safety of high intensity PEMF.

These are findings that the high intensity PEMF market certainly won’t be showcasing on their research pages.

A study titled: “Extremely Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Fields Cause DNA Strand Breaks in Normal Cells”(6), for example, found that high intensity PEMF increased the number of cells with DNA damage when compared to the number of damaged cells amongst a group without exposure to high intensity PEMF.

Some organizations, such as the International Commission on Non-Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP),  are also cautioning consumers in using high intensity PEMF.

Earthpulse ProBasic has an intensity of 2,200 Gauss.

But, we aren’t sure how accurate that may be in actual intensity delivered during use.


Again, keep in mind that the most widely accepted therapeutic intensity range for PEMF is 1-10 Gauss, which is based on research and data from highly accredited sources.

Most PEMF devices are designed to be directly laid upon when used during sleep or rest.

EarthPulse takes a direction we have rarely seen.

While picture representations show users in bed with what appears to be the applicator atop their bedspread, the website says the applicators go under the mattress for therapy as you sleep.

Why is this a big deal?

Magnetic fields are highly influenced by interference.

Many PEMF brands, especially those delivering multi-therapies, often recommend not even having clothing as a barrier between the skin and device.

The strength of the the magnetic field decreases with distance.

EarthPulse actually explains this on their website, stating that magnetic field exposure strength can be decreased down to anywhere from 1/20 to 14 Gauss depending on the thickness of the user’s mattress.

The only precise example we could find in on the Sleep Tech FAQ page, where it’s said that V5 systems are effective with mattresses up to 16 inches thick.

So, with the mattress consideration, the user may actually be getting within or much closer to the low intensity, therapeutic 1-10 Gauss range.

The regulation, consistency, and preciseness of intensity being based on barriers within each applicator placement and mattress thickness gives us pause in offering you a conclusive answer on this brand’s exact intensity.

There are simply too many variables with EarthPulse’s intensity, and it’s an intensity caveat that you won’t find in our spec and configuration guidelines for other mat-style products like the HealthyLine and Bemer.


What Is EarthPulse’s Cross-Polarity Local Inductor?

In addition to the frequency, intensity, and wavelength, EarthPulse’s configuration has the consideration of cross polarity.

This brand has a patented “Cross-Polarity Local Inductor.”

It’s a ring-like attachment for the applicator.

The application is rather novel, but most all PEMF devices, including HealthyLine and Bemer, use polarity reversal.

How does polarity reversal work?

The PEMF emits a magnetic field signal.

The direction of the magnetic field can be changed.

Polarity reversal continually pingpongs the polarity of the PEMF signal back and forth every so often so that the magnetic field is pulsed upwards for a moment and then downward for a moment.

The purpose of this isn’t to change the PEMF’s direction.

Instead, the pulses change the magnetic field’s intensity by changing its amplitude.

Polarity reversal has the general consensus of being an effective methodology, and most PEMF brands utilize it in their configurations.

What’s novel about the EarthPulse’s “Cross-Polarity Local Inductor” is that it takes the cross polarity to a different level by pulsing in both the traditional up/down manner and in a novel sideways direction.

We can’t attest if this is a positive or negative attribute for the brand as there are no existing studies or research related to the “Cross-Polarity Local Inductor,” not even by the EarthPulse brand itself.

The brand touts that the feature is effective, but they offer no rationale as to why or how.


EarthPulse Prices And Device Options

In a nutshell, EarthPulse’s ProBasic is basically the same device five different ways, with the main differences being in the number of applicators included with each option.

Note that the basic models will require you to manually set the frequency, however.

Here’s your price and packaging breakdown:

EarthPulse v6 Basic – $399 -$499

  • One electromagnet applicator
  • Manual PEMF only
  • 110 to 1,100 Gauss

EarthPulse v6 – $699

  • One electromagnet applicator
  • 14 PEMF Programs
  • 1,100 Gauss

EarthPulse ProBasic – $899

  • Two electromagnet applicators
  • Manual PEMF only
  • 2,200 Gauss

EarthPulse v6 Pro – $1,199

  • Two electromagnet applicators
  • 14 PEMF Programs System + manual
  • 2200 Gauss

EarthPulse v6 Pro Plus – $1,799

  • Four electromagnet applicators
  • 14 PEMF Programs System + manual
  • 3000 Gauss
  • Designed for two-person use

EarthPluse does have a sixth model in the lineup, called the ProPlus Basic, but it is specified by the brand as for use with equines and camels.


EarthPluse Certifications

We failed to find a single approval, certification, or marking for the EarthPluse brand.

This is highly unusual.

Most every PEMF brand on the market makes at least some effort to obtain certifications and markings for consumer assurance purposes.

Brands, such as HealthyLine, have been independently tested, have CE markings, and so forth.

Such assurances are the brand’s effort to show the consumer that they don’t have to take the brand’s word alone on issues like meeting electrical safety standards or that their purported configuration is true to spec.


EarthPulse FDA Approval

We used the FDA’s website to search for EarthPulse and all the other company names listed on the EarthPulse website.

There was no record found, which is highly unusual and greatly suspect.

The FDA requires all therapeutic/medical devices to complete a 501(K) form before it can be sold to U.S. residents.

This is a very different process than FDA approval, which requires testing and may take years at a cost of hundreds of thousands of dollars.

The 501(K) is a simple process that doesn’t even involve testing in most cases.

It simply signifies that the device fits into a category of similar devices with the same intent and benefit.

Since the category has device’s of the same nature that’s already been tested, the similar product is simply ushered into that category.

We can only offer a best guess as to how EarthPulse is on the market without an FDA record.

The loophole may be in that the consumer is actually transferred away from the U.S.-based EarthPulse website to the offshore Sleep-Tech website for the technical purchase.

The Bahamas company is likely a holdings entities between the two other companies.

In any case, we urge you to take great pause in any brand and product not adhering to FDA rules and regulations.


EarthPulse Production And Distribution

EarthPulse products are manufactured in India and shipped globally.

Again, be aware of import fees.

We found several distributors and new and used sellers searching on eBay, Amazon, and Alibaba.


EarthPulse Guarantee

From the user reviews across several venues, it appears that EarthPulse honors their 90-day satisfaction guarantee.

If within 90 days you aren’t satisfied, you can return your like-new device for your money back.

There’s a catch, though, you must actually contact tech support at least three weeks prior to that 90 days expiring if you don’t want to pay a restocking fee.

That fee is -10% of the purchase price being returned.

Of course, as with most any product, you will be responsible for the return postage.


EarthPulse Warranty

The standard warranty for both the controller and applicator are one year from the date of purchase.

Any manufacturer defects will be covered.

EarthPulse replaces the controller and/or applicator at no cost.

However, you must accompany your request with a video submission that demonstrates the problem with the device.

EarthPulse devices also have what we call a step-down warranty on the controller, which is the most expensive element of any PEMF device.

Following that initial year of full warranty, you pay a reduced cost for replacement based on how long you’ve had the product.

From the full warranty expiration to year three, you’ll pay $150 to have the controller replaced.

Past the third year and up to the fifth year, you’ll pay $175 for a new controller.

Past the fifth year and up to the tenth year, you’ll pay $200 for a new controller.

Of course, the controller must be faulty due to a manufacturer defect, not misuse or accident. Again, you’ll still be responsible for the return postage.


Where Can You Buy EarthPulse?

If you’re in the market for a used EarthPulse device, we recommend checking Amazon and eBay.

The buyer protections are in place, and you can more easily vet the seller and customer service history.

For manufacturer-direct distribution on these platforms, remember that EarthPulse has three listings on its website : EarthPulse in Florida, SleepTech in Mauritius, and Magnetic Therapy Ltd in the Bahamas.

We also encourage you to do a local search for spas, rehab facilities, or wholistic practitioners that may offer EarthPulse as a fee-for-use.

We often recommend this for mat PEMF brands, such as HealthyLine, because these are being included in wellness-type services at an expanding rate.

We aren’t sure of the local market for the EarthPulse since it’s marketed toward sleep.

Of course, you can go straight to the EarthPulse website for your purchase.

Just remember that you will be redirected to the SleepTech website in Mauritius when you checkout.



If you’ve decided that EarthPulse is the best PEMF product for you, we advise you to speak with your primary doctor about high intensity PEMF and to read our full guide on PEMF intensities.

EarthPulse’s draw is high intensity PEMF at a lower price.

Indeed, we found their pricing in that particular vein of PEMF to be uniquely low in comparison to others. MagnaWave, for example, has a top price of $25,000.

Yet, the brand assurances simply aren’t up to par for EarthPulse.

Our review poses a lot questions that EarthPulse can’t or doesn’t answer, such as why they don’t have FDA registration, any research backing up third high intensity value proposition, or even the purpose and function of their patented PEMF component?

Our final recommendation is to use our guides to determine how the single, high intensity PEMF therapy from EarthPulse stacks up against the brands we review in the low intensity and multi-therapy PEMF device niche, such as Bemer and HealthyLine.