Why is Bemer so Expensive?

Bemer therapy is so expensive for several reasons, including the efforts put into branding, the status of the company as a partial multi-level marketing set-up, and the longevity of the Bemer brand.

Although none of these components necessarily recommend or detract from Bemer’s PEMF therapy devices, these are the components that continually come to the fore as the most likely reasons behind the price tag associated with Bemer’s line of machines.

To fully understand each of these aspects of the Bemer company, let’s quickly evaluate what Bemer is.

Bemer is a brand of Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy, with its own line of PEMF therapy products designed for home and in-office use.

Bemer products continually seek to set themselves apart from the competition in design; while most PEMF machines rely on fairly standard designs including either a large mat or a wand, of sorts, Bemer instead uses either a wrap-around pad or a circulator applicator, called the B.Pad and B.Spot, respectively.

Bemer products often lay claim to being the only machines that have been evaluated by the FDA for efficacy in delivering PEMF therapy, but there is little evidence to suggest this is the case, and this particular claim is typically disregarded as an unusual way to point potential customers to Bemer-specific research studies.

Bemer’s branding is often identified as one of the likely reason behind Bemer prices, as the company devotes a great deal of attention to marketing efforts, whether those efforts involve a celebrity spokesperson endorsing the product, online ads targeting certain demographics, or the Bemer website itself, which provides copious amounts of information about what exactly it is that makes Bemer great, without substantiating many of those claims.

In essence, much of the Bemer price is literally just paying for the Bemer brand, much like brand-name products in grocery stores cost more than store-brand products, despite a negligible difference.

Bemer’s use of multi-level marketing can also contribute to the high prices of Bemer machines; although MLMs are not pyramid schemes, they do require parent companies to increase the price of products, as the company and the third-party sellers must be paid for each machine that is sold.

Were the middle man third-party seller not involved at all, Bemer products may not carry such a substantial price tag.

The longevity of the Bemer name is the final component to this puzzle, as many people who are seeking PEMF therapy are doing so in the hope of healing chronic or painful acute conditions.

There is often some confidence or trust placed in companies that have been around for a long time, and Bemer can capitalize on the age of their company and involvement with the PEMF industry, and charge more for their well-established and well-recognized products.

Bemer PEMF therapy machines are just one of the types of machines currently on the market, and they are often regarded as one of the more expensive brands available.

While Bemer therapy is no less effective than other PEMF therapy machines, the price can give some consumers pause, and the Bemer brand may not be the best option for more budget-minded PEMF therapy seekers.