The Sedona Face: NuLife Ventures Into PEMF Technology

A member of NuLife Ventures’ scientific advisory board is quoted as saying that he does not move forward with a design or technology without a significant amount of evidence, and NuLife Ventures delivers on that belief with the Sedona Face. Deviating from the norm in PEMF therapy machines, the Sedona Face is a small, portable PEMF therapy device designed for use exclusively on the face. When put in place, the Sedona Face can help support cellular health, no matter where you are.

The Sedona Face was developed on the heels of over 2,000 studies evaluating PEMF therapy and its many uses in supporting human health, and is designed for use on the face to clear complexions, improve the signs of aging, and diminish fine lines, puffiness, and general skin conditions common to the face and neck, including loss of elasticity and youthfulness due to decreases in circulation. Portability and health were prime considerations in the development of the Sedona Face, and the mask is used independently of electrodes and wires, providing ease of use for those who have never heard of PEMF therapy or who might be unfamiliar with more natural types of treatment.

The Sedona Face was developed after its parent company began to dig deeper into PEMF therapy, and the many studies conducted on the efficacy of the therapy. It was NASA’s involvement in PEMF research that sparked a true interest in PEMF therapy, as NASA is considered a powerful and reliable source of information. Upon closer investigation, NuLife Ventures realized the potential application of PEMF therapy in improving signs of aging on the face, and began to develop its targeted form of PEMF therapy. Eventually, research and prototypes became the product now known as the Sedona Face.

The Sedona Face is as its name suggests: a mask placed over the face and used to deliver PEMF therapy, in the place of more standard application devices, such as PEMF mats and wands. The Sedona Face is designed to be worn for 30 minutes each day, and can be used while reading, completing tasks around the house, or even while completing simple exercises. Created with convenience and portability in mind, the Sedona Face is NuLife Ventures’ most recent foray into health and healing, with a special focus on the visible signs of aging and ill health.

The Sedona Face was developed to replace other anti-aging treatments that might have deleterious effects on human health, such as Botox and fillers, in favor of a more natural approach. While Botox and other anti-aging treatments involve paralyzing muscles, or injecting foreign materials into the body, PEMF technology avoid these potentially hazardous approaches, opting instead to support the body’s own natural healing abilities, improving an individual’s circulation and subsequent oxygenation, accomplishing effects similar to those found in treatments that have been linked to potentially negative side effects. The Sedona Face is considered one of NuLife Ventures’ more affordable offerings, as it requires a one-time cost, rather than monthly, quarterly, or yearly procedure fees.