A First-of-Its-Kind Study Evaluates the Effective Rate of PEMF Therapy

In a study that is the first of its kind, PEMF therapy machine company OmniPEMF has announced its plans to evaluate the experiences of PEMF therapy users, with over 1500 participants enrolled. This is a significant development in PEMF therapy, as it involves direct contact with regular PEMF users, evaluating the true efficacy of OmniPEMF’s portable PEMF device, called the NeoRhythm.

OmniPEMF is the developer behind the NeoRhythm, a PEMF therapy device that delivers electromagnetic pulses via a headband. The headband was created to deliver pulses of energy as a therapeutic intervention for headaches, sleep issues, and concentration issues, in a single, easy-to-use device. The study began in 2019, beginning with the development of the NeoRhythm device; as users began to utilize the device, NeoRhythm began reaching out and collecting information about user experiences. As it continued to gather more information from the study’s 1500 participants, a clearer picture of the efficacy of PEMF therapy in the form of a headband began to form, and the company continues to evaluate the possible use of PEMF therapy via the NeoRhythm.

Headed by two researchers known for their work in the field of electromagnetic therapy and biolectromagnetic interventions, the study is an ambitious one, intending to provide its audience with the largest informational study currently being conducted. These researchers (Igor Jerman and Beverly Rubik) are known for their work with PEMF and other therapies. Jerman has been exploring the field of PEMF therapy for over ten years, and has a solid history of PEMF research under his belt, making him an ideal choice for the study.

Although most PEMF therapy studies have focused on wounds and similarly large issues, OmniPEMF’s research is focused on relaxation, focus, and sleep, and the ways PEMF therapy might interfere with and support those aspects of human health. Adding to the diversity of the data being compiled, the study is being conducted in both Europe and the United States, and evaluating the changes brought about by a focused type of PEMF therapy, delivered by a wearable headband.

Although wearable PEMF therapy headbands are not new, the companies behind these devices have not conducted any large-scale studies evaluating the efficacy of their devices. OmniPEMF seeks to change that as efficiently and thoroughly as possible with its study, to definitively determine whether or not wearable PEMF therapy headbands deliver healing, helpful pulses of energy to the body or brain. The study seeks to determine whether or not these pulses have positive, long-term effects on cognitive health and function.

The NeoRhythm provides PEMF therapy to its users by imparting buses of electromagnetic energy designed to help the brain “sync,” or attend to specific rhythms that alternately support focus, relaxation, or sleep. Like other PEMF therapy devices, the NeoRhythm has also been linked to improvements in pain, though the focus of the study does not include pain mitigation. OmniPEMF’s research study being the first of its kind is an exciting new step in PEMF therapy, bringing an oft-ignored potential healing pathway of PEMF therapy to the fore.