MRS 2000+ Designo Review

There is such a wide range of PEMF devices on the market today that it is very difficult to choose just one.

The old models are getting better, and new ones are being developed as we speak.

Even experts sometimes get confused as to which PEMF device is a good choice and which is not so much.

When you’re faced with a difficult decision, we believe that the best approach is to shortlist and compare a few best options.

That is exactly what we are doing in this article.

We’ll compare the MRS 2000+ Designo and the Healthyline TAO-MAT-8040P, in order to give you the bottom line and help you make a smarter selection!


PEMF Benefits Summary

PEMF benefits come in many forms.

Because PEMF therapy works its magic on the cellular level, there is basically no aspect of our health with which PEMF cannot in some way help us.

Sometimes, it can target the illness itself and cure it; other times it can be used together with traditional treatments in order to enhance them and minimize their side effects.

PEMF therapy can help your skin, mental health, heart, brain, muscles, joints, other internal organs, and so on.

It is important to mention that it is a completely natural medical approach that has essentially no side effects.

Minor discomforts sometimes occur when you use it for the first time, but these quickly cease with further use.

To explain how PEMF therapy produces its benefits, let’s imagine that the cells in your body function as batteries.

There are more than 70 trillion cells in your body.

They can store a certain amount of energy that they use in order to function properly, repair themselves, grow, and protect you.

A variety of factors, such as stress, disease, lack of sleep, and electromagnetic smog, can deplete their energy levels.

In that case, they cannot perform their functions and, as a result, we feel fatigued and sluggish and become susceptible to disease.

PEMF therapy helps us recharge our cells to their full potential, and give them back their vibrancy and power.

If you apply PEMF treatment on a regular basis, you will prevent disease, and ensure that your health is in top-notch condition.


MRS 2000+ Designo Review

The MRS 2000+ Designo is a very popular PEMF device, and one of the best ones on the market.

It is produced in Germany by a company called MediConsult, which is known as one of the best in the industry.

This device has many advantages compared to its competitors, but it also has some disadvantages of which you should be aware.

Let’s talk more about them.

The MRS 2000+ Designo is so popular and efficient because it resolves two problems that many PEMF devices have.

First of all, it is able to produce a wide range of frequencies using its static magnets.

This is important, because different types of cells and different health conditions respond to different frequencies.

By offering a wide range of frequencies, it can treat numerous diseases and states.

Secondly, the effects of PEMF stimulation by the MRS 2000+ Designo do not disappear as soon as you turn it off.

The effects can be observed even 4-6 hours after you complete your session.

During this time, the energy charge that has accumulated in your cells continues to exert its benefits.

If you decide to buy it, your best option is to choose the home set.

It includes a full body mat, a control unit, and a kidney-shaped pad.

The MED set has all of that plus a probe, and can reach higher intensity levels.

If you need a probe, you should get the MED set, since the home set cannot be upgraded.

Now, let’s mention the disadvantages.

In case you decide that you do not like the MRS 2000+ Designo, you have to keep it, since there is no return policy.

You cannot get a refund.

Moreover, the MRS 2000+ Designo has six copper coils that cannot be bent.

Therefore, it needs to be flat on the ground or the bed at all times.

This also makes it difficult to travel with, since you cannot pack it small.

Finally, the MRS 2000+ cannot be preprogrammed for sleep, and you cannot keep it running for more than 24 hours.

All of that for $2895.00 + tax is not the best option.


Healthyline TAO-MAT-8040P Review

Healthyline mats are unique because of the multiple functions that they combine.

Many other PEMF devices feature only negative ions and PEMF stimulation, while Healthyline devices support much more.

By buying a Healthyline TAO-MAT-8040P, you will get a combination of PEMF stimulation, FIR stimulation, and negative ions, as well as natural gemstones.

Therefore, this is a set of four different devices combined into one to give you the best healing you can find.

FIR is one of the most valuable features of this device, because they mimic the natural sunrays which have numerous benefits for our body.

They are known to improve the blood flow, strengthen the immune system, and detoxify the body.

Moreover, in the winter months, when there is little sunshine, it is important to get FIR stimulation in order to battle winter depression.

The acronym TAO in the name of this mat represents the gemstones that it uses. Its insides are filled with 30 lbs. of tourmaline, amethyst, and obsidian.

When these gemstones are heated, they transfer positive health effects to your body with that heat.

Because of all of the gemstones, this mat is a bit more expensive than its competitors, but it is well worth it.

Another big advantage of the Healthyline TAO-MAT-8040P is that it has a return policy.

When you get in touch with customer support, they will explain to you that you can try the mat out and, if you do not like it, you can return it within 45 days and you will get your money back.

This attests to the quality of this device, and tells us how sure the company is you will like it.

Moreover, the mat comes with a one-year warranty that can be extended to five years!

Main specifications:

  • Frequency: 7.8 Hz
  • Intensity: Negative ion – 1500/cc; FIR – 5-14 um
  • Cost: Around $1500. If you use code “pemf10”, you can get it for around $1350
  • LED display
  • Non-toxic
  • EMF filter
  • 1- to 5-year warranty
  • 45-day return policy


PEMF Health Benefits

The effects of PEMF therapy on our body and health are complex and diverse.

Unfortunately, we still do not know about all of them, as studies are continuing to uncover and prove new and revolutionary ones.

However, in the last 70 years of studying PEMF, we have accumulated lots of scientifically-proven information about its various benefits.

Take a look at some of the most important ones below.


PEMF Helps with Diabetic Polyneuropathy

Diabetic polyneuropathy (DPN) is a condition that affects the peripheral nerves of the body, and usually occurs in patients who suffer from diabetes.

The symptoms include feelings of tingling, numbness, and weakness on both sides of the body.

If untreated, it can impact greatly your quality of life.

That is why, in 2003, scientists from the Science Research Institute of Medical Rehabilitation, Baku, Azerbaijan decided to check whether PEMF therapy can offer relief for these patients.

Their results were encouraging, as they showed significant improvement in nerve function and DPN symptoms. (1)


Aids Nerve Repair

Nerve damage is one of the most serious health conditions from which someone can suffer.

It is extremely painful, and very difficult to treat. In part, this is because of the lack of blood vessels that feed the nerves in our body.

Luckily, PEMF therapy can help with it.

In 1993, scientists discovered that PEMF therapy can promote nerve repair in a study they conducted on mice.

The mice in the study had crush lesions of the sciatic nerve, which healed much more quickly and more successfully when they were pretreated with PEMF stimulation. (2)


Increases the Range of Motion

When you experience cervical osteoarthritis, one of the abilities that really suffers is the range of motion of your neck.

It gradually decreases, and it is accompanied by pain, stiffness, and muscle spasms.

These sensations are the worst in the morning when you wake up, but they do not cease during the day.

By using PEMF therapy on a regular basis, you can successfully treat these symptoms.

Research published in Clinical Rheumatology proved it, in a study conducted on patients suffering from this debilitating condition. (3)


Helps Those Suffering from Depression

In case you are struggling with depression, you might have found that antidepressants do nothing for your condition.

More than 30% of depression patients do not respond well to antidepressants and need to seek help elsewhere.

Danish scientists think that help can be found in PEMF therapy.

They conducted a study that proved that PEMF therapy could help treatment-resistant patients respond better to their medication and experience fewer side effects.

It should not be used as the only and primary form of treatment until traditional methods have been exhausted. (4)


Relieves Migraines

Migraines are usually a chronic condition that cannot be treated successfully until its cause is determined.

Unfortunately, it is very hard to find the cause, so in most cases, the patients are happy if they have a way to control their symptoms.

Luckily, in 1999, a group of researchers from the U.S. found that PEMF therapy is very good at decreasing the intensity and frequency of migraine attacks.

More importantly, it causes no side effects, so it can be used safely on a regular basis for a long period. (5)


Promotes Bone Healing

Among numerous other benefits, PEMF therapy can help nonunion fractures heal successfully.

Nonunion fractures are complications of regular fractures that do not heal in a specified time frame.

Traditional medicine usually resorts to surgery to repair them.

However, researchers from Bangladesh conducted a study on 13 patients in 1999 to show whether PEMF therapy can really help with nonunion fractures.

The answer was yes. After 14 weeks of regular stimulation, 11 out of 13 patients experienced successful healing. (6)


Alleviates Pain

PEMF therapy can help you alleviate pain without any side effects.

This is not the case with traditional painkillers, which will in some cases successfully address your pain, but they carry too much risk.

For example, if you use them for too long, they start losing their effectiveness and you need to take higher doses.

Thus, you risk becoming addicted, and suffering the health consequences.

PEMF therapy lowers pain levels without any negative health effects, as a study conducted in 1993 at the International Pain Research Institute shows.

It is effective both for chronic and acute pain, and it can be used for prolonged periods. (7)


Promotes Blood Flow

Scientists at Wake Forest University discovered that PEMF therapy causes local vasodilatation in areas where it is applied.

This vasodilatation allows more blood to reach the area, bringing more oxygen and nutrients to the cells.

This effect is the basis of many other PEMF health benefits, which makes it very important. (8)

PEMF therapy also affects red blood cells’ charge, and prevents them from sticking to each other.

This way, they can pass much more efficiently through the blood vessels, feeding more cells with valuable oxygen and preventing blood clots.


Reduces Arthritis Symptoms

The main symptoms of arthritis include pain, swelling, and inflammation of various joints in the body.

Unfortunately, it is a health condition that cannot be cured.

However, it can be controlled successfully with the right means.

A study conducted in 1998 shows that, after regular stimulation, PEMF therapy can reduce these symptoms.

In the study published in the Journal of the Indian Medical Association, the best results were achieved with seronegative patients.

However, other arthritis patients can benefit from it, as well. (9)